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Impact  Methdology 


The Impact Methodology is how we explore, track and compare climate solutions. It goes beyond financial data by quantifying impact of early-stage companies. Tailored to late seed, series A and scale up, so you can ensure your company, fund or portfolio are able to comply and deliver on its impact claims. 
At what point in time will the climate solution do good for the world?  Or as we would call it - the climatepoint. 

As of September 2022, ClimatePoint is part of a working group, established by Prime Coalition and World Fund, that aims to solve how investors can effectively track and project their investment’s contribution towards real world outcomes.

Together with well renowned coalitions, funds and consultancies, we’re collaborating on strategy and academics to analyze and enhance the available tools in the marketplace for forward-looking emissions and related sustainability impacts.

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Investors and fund managers


Apply the Impact Methodology to align your profits with your sustainability targets. Make informed decisions based on impact - on a company, portfolio or fund level. 


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Climate Solutions


Verify your company's climate impact. Apply the Impact Methodology to measure your solutions impact and emission potential as you grow and scale in the marketplace. Increase interest towards potential investors, clients and partners.  


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Developed in cooperation with...


The Impact Methodology is developed in cooperation with a team of five Master's students at Leiden University.

The task tackled was that identifying climate benefits is possible, but time-consuming and expensive through traditional Life Cycle Assessments. How could we assess and forecast the CO2 impact of portfolio solutions in a precise, yet cost-effective manner that fit the rapid pace of the financial and corporate world?