Climate Impact Investments 2.0°

ClimatePoint enables more businesses and organizations to take part in attractive and much needed climate tech investments. Our main mission is to allocate new capital to new solutions. This means that more companies are gaining ownership in the green transition.

Your company can invest in the solutions that have the greatest potential to solve emissions challenges in your value chain and industry.

This is an important contribution to the success of your company's climate strategy – while at the same time providing you with a platform enabling you to follow the companies and ideas that you are invested in. 

How it works
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Set up your carbon accounts. Which measures could and should you undertake?

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With your emissions as baseline we calculate the amount of your yearly climate investments. 

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Access the portfolio of companies you invest in. Receive material and verified carbon reduction from our pilot methodology project to your annual report.

Third party verification of climate impact investments 2.0°

In collaboration with the world’s leading climate professionals ClimatePoint is working to verify and identify the best compensation and reduction possibilities globally. Read more about our Advisory Board, the Board and partners here.


We do not guarantee returns, as there is no way to predeterm which technologies that will ultimately succeed.  However, we can mitigate this risk by diversifying our scope, continuously developing our methodology, generate more investors from similar value chains and the continuous development of strategic partnership. What we know for certain, is that without new technology, emission-free forms of energy and production, it is not possible to reach the 2° target.

Want to be a driving force in the green transition?