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ClimatePoint Methodology

Through our software we perform detailed climate impact assessments for early-stage startups and investors.


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Understand the drivers of your portfolio's impact. See how your fund, portfolio and the underlying 

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Case Studies


Climentum Capital

Established a workflow to successfully meet sustainability objectives during due diligence and throughout the entire investment journey. 

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Carbon Crusher

Implementing a dynamic Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to track and improve the company's impact as it scales and expands into new markets.

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Roadmap and development improval to deliver on potential climate impact.

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Scope 4 backed by science


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Carbon negative roads

Carbon Crusher - Impact Potential: 15.7 million tons CO2eq avoided and captured.

With the analysis Carbon Crusher, a Norwegian-based company that offers on-site refurbishment of roads using plant-based adhesive, was able to verify their impact claims, that they in fact make carbon negative roads.

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