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An essential part of your impact finance journey, applicable to fund managers and early-stage technologies. 


Achieve Article 9Dynamic LCA



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Achieve Article 9


The ClimatePoint analysis is designed to deliver on Article 9 Environmental requirements.
  • Forward-looking climate scenario
  • Principal Adverse Impacts (PAI) forecast and disclosure

  • Climate Impact Due Diligence

  • Third-party Verification

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Dynamic LCA


Scalable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results, delivered in a live, interactive and dynamic format. 
  • ISO and GHG protocol compliance (Scopes 1,2,3)

  • Comparative analysis with Scope 4 benchmarks

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) pathway

  • Reach your 'climatepoint'

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Strategic Tool

The software supports ongoing emissions reporting, projections of portfolio aggregations and climate strategies. 

Model different scenarios and benchmarks to plan for impact in a variety of markets and deployment strategies. 


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Forward-looking impact analysis

The foundation is a methodology founded on a ground-up approach providing companies with a higher level of transparency and commercial value. 

It is designed to scale with the solution technology through subscription and a suite of additional sustainability metrics. 


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