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Mock-up ClimatePoint Impact Methodology


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Asset 5@2x-pngIdentify Hotspots

Quantify the climate impact of your product or service throughout its entire lifecycle, from cradle to grave.

Asset 5@4x-1Build Scenarios

Forecast your Scope 4 avoided emissions. Navigate your climate impact within various product or business scenarios.

Asset 7-pngTake Action

Utilize recommendations based on your numbers and results to make decisions that align with your climate strategy.

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Ensure compliance with impact reporting

Adhere to international standards. Make sure you share the necessary documentation with your stakeholders. 

Our service specializes in facilitating impact disclosures, specially for financial reporting, such as SFDR and EU Taxonomy. 

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Develop in line with a 1,5°-target

Identify, analyze and take action on your emission hotspots.

Compare realized and avoided emissions across your product, investments, climate strategy or company. Start off on the right foot.


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Market your claims

Verify through a third party. Get solid numbers and data to support your climate value proposition.

Share your impact with confidence in your communication and marketing efforts.


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Tailored to meet your specific needs, seamlessly integrating all your impact requirements 

Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into six different platforms - here, you'll find everything you need, all in one place.


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Scope 4 backed by Science

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Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment

FRAME Alignment 

ISO Certification

University of Leiden


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