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To achieve current climate goals, the UN has estimated that the global community must invest $3 trillion yearly til 2035 in the energy sector alone!


ClimatePoint is part of the solution and will be a natural contributor to your company's annual reporting and sustainability strategy.

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You're not Amazon

Amazon targets Net Zero Carbon before 2040 and to reach their goal they leverage investments in climate tech and solutions. The Amazon Climate Pledge Fund: Investing $2.000 MUSD in new technology and services that will mitigate climate change in the future.

Too rich for your budget to follow? Through ClimatePoint's solutions Climate Compensation 2.0 you can offset and drive the technology change needed for your company and sector.

These are already onboard

"ClimatePoint enables us to invest in restructuring, and help start-up companies realize new technology and solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than we can on our own. Our goal is for more of the companies we invest in through ClimatePoint to come into a supplier position with greener solutions, so that together we can accelerate the transition."

Espen Karlsen, CEO Jernia

Climate Compensation 2.0

The trouble with reaching current climate goals, isnʼt just lack of action from governments: It is the lack of climate neutral technologies. That is why ClimatePoint facilitates climate compensation through investing in them.

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Set up your carbon accounts. Which measures could and should you undertake?

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Compensate the remainder of your company’s emissions through ClimatePoint into ideas propelling the green transition.

Access the portfolio of companies you invest in. Receive material and verifies carbon reduction from our pilot project to your annual report.

Does it work?

YES! ClimatePoint works with the world's foremost investor communities and climate experts to identify the funds and companies that can make the biggest difference to the world – and to your business.

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