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ClimatePoint is a digital platform and green acceleration company that helps businesses uncover, choose and accelerate the most environmentally impactful solutions. We partner with businesses who aspire to make meaningful contributions to move beyond net zero. 




Quantify your impact


Translating scientific knowledge on sustainability and government commitments towards 2030 into meaningful corporate strategies and action is a daunting task. 
Let us assist you - establish your impact and translate it into your green value proposition.



Implement our tech-driven impact solutions


Measure your impact

Companies are no longer solely being asked how they plan to take responsibility for last year's emissions. Now, they also have to disclose how their actions will have an impact in the coming years and future.

Take a forward-looking approach with our Impact Methodology. Measure, monitor and forecast the climate impact of your investment, technology or project. 

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Set a Sustainable Action Plan


Assess the level of sustainability within your business' activities and comply with the EU Taxonomy.


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Engage your stakeholders


Meet your impact targets and engage your stakeholders in your efforts, with the ClimatePoint Connect platform. Get the feedback you need to show the world that when it comes to impact, you mean business. 


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Create real change


Take a more proactive approach to reach your climate goals. Own the solutions that can decarbonize your value chain, through ClimatePoint Green River Fund. Climate change mitigation beyond offsetting. 


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