ClimatePoint enables investors, startups, and businesses to streamline impact data in line with global frameworks and EU regulations for communication and action


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Verify the climate impact of your solution. Unlock strategic insights to help accelerate capital. Provide your clients and investors with the necessary data for CSRD and SFDR reporting.



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Complete the SFDR, project the PAIs and align the Taxonomy. Connect all your metrics from fund aggregations through detailed KPIs of your portfolio holdings. 




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Frequently Asked Questions

By partnering with us, you can ensure that your company’s/fund’s climate impact assessment is not just a box-checking exercise but a strategic tool that drives value, aligns with global standards, and positions your company/fund as a leader in sustainability

ClimatePoint’s assessments align with international standards such as ISO 14067 Product Carbon Footprint, as well as GHG Protocol standards for greenhouse gas accounting. In addition, the foundational methodology follows Project FRAME’s standards for impact assessment.

Quantifying your impact is not just about meeting external demands, it’s also as strategic move that can drive innovation, efficiency, and long-term viability in an increasing environmentally conscious economy.

We work with companies and funds in all kinds of stages, early assessment can guide sustainable development and help avoid costly change in the future.

ClimatePoint plays a role as a third-party verifier. A third-party verification is a key component of a robust climate impact assessment. This serves as a quality check that reinforces transparency, accuracy, and effectiveness of a company’s environmental reporting.

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