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ClimatePoint is a global leader in quantifying and forecasting climate impact of early stage companies. Our primary objective is to direct capital towards the most influential solutions.


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The ClimatePoint team

  • Tobias Thorleifsson

    Tobias Thorleifsson

    CO-founder &

    Chief Impact Officer

  • Fulvia Ianotta
    Fulvia Ianotta
    Impact Analyst
  • Nick_Catania
    Nick Catania
    Head of Methodology
  • David Schriever

    David Schriever

    Impact Advisor

  • Shamita_chaudhary
    Shamita Chaudhary
    Impact Advisor
  • Lina Martinez
    Lina Martinez
    Impact Analyst
  • Nito Simonsen

    Nito Simonsen

    Co-founder &

    Chief Executive Officer

  • LeidenUniv_IE_graduation ceremony_LD_lr_20230928-7772
    Varun H. Ravikuma
    Impact Analyst
  • Oda

    Oda A. Larsen

    Head of Customer Dev.

  • Fredrik Mohr

    Fredrik Mohr

    Impact Analyst

  • Pablo Ilgemann

    Pablo Ilgemann

    Impact Advisor

  • Tan Chia-Wu-1

    Tan Chia Wu

    Impact Analyst

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