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Our mission: Beyond net zero

To fulfill our mission, we will mobilize a green river of climate investment by giving corporates and SME's access to climate investing that connects ROI with climate impact. The ClimatePoint Green River Fund and Verticals let you invest in the technology you need to decarbonize your value chain. The ClimatePoint Impact Methdology is a faster, transparent, quantifiable and easy-to-communicate impact analysis to help you decide which solutions to invest in. And ClimatePoint Connect is our SaaS platform connecting you to the solutions you need and visualizing your emissions reduction strategies. 

Our funds are approved by the Norwgian Financial Service Administration and our core fund, the ClimatePoint Green River Fund, is European Venture Capital Fund certified. 


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The ClimatePoint team

Nito Simonsen

Chief Executive Officer 


Tobias Thorleifsson

Chief Climate Officer


Christine Lunde

Chief Financial Officer


Tommy Österlund

Chief Risk Officer


Christina Lie

Investment Director


Nick Catania

Lead Verification & Tech Dev.

Oda Allum Larsen

Marketing Manager

Wesley George

Preeminent Success Manager

Omar Hussein

Investment Analyst

Thomas Engrav

Sales & E-marketing

Gunnhild Sofie Vangsnes

Associate Intern

Peter Grinde-Hollevik

Associate Intern

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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of leading experts in Norway within the fields of finance and climate. Their purpose is to always make sure we direct our investments to the most effective and impact driven companies. They also continuously contribute to our methodology to make it a transparent, effective and powerful tool for the green transition. 

We have gathered 8 members from NGO's, Investment communities and forward-looking businesses. One of them is the former Executive Director of the UN Environment arm and our newest addition is Iris Öhrn. 


Get to know our Advisory Board

Board of Directors

Brita Staal, Chair  

Head of International, SALT 

Staal is a sustainability strategy and risk management specialist, with solid experience in the field from international work. She even coordinates Protect Our Winter's international business. 

Svein Tveitdal, Member 

CEO/ Director Klima2020

Tveitdal is former UN Director and has held numerous board positions over the years. Today he works as a climate adviser and lecturer. 

Susanne Gløersen, Member

Deputy Head Sustainable Banking, SEB Norway

Gløersen is one of the leading voices within sustainable finance, with over a decade worth of experience. 


Peder Aaserud, Member 

Founder Recheckit & HackHunch

Aaserud is an entrepreneur with many years of experience running successful international SaaS companies. 

Rune Brunborg, Member

Partner/ Chairman Aktia Ventures

Brunborg has founded several companies, such as DealFlow, Folio, Monobank, UpScore and Tribe Venneforsikring. He is former CRO in Skandiabanken Norway and Sweden and has 25 years experience within the financial industry. 

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