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ClimatePoint is a global leader in quantifying and forecasting the climate impact of companies, and products, where sustainability meets innovation. 

Our primary objective is to direct capital towards the most influential solutions, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of climate impact with confidence and precision. 


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The ClimatePoint team

  • Tobias Thorleifsson

    Tobias Thorleifsson

    Co-founder &

    Chief Impact Officer

  • Fulvia Ianotta
    Fulvia Ianotta
    Impact Analyst
  • Nick_Catania
    Nick Catania
    Head of Methodology
  • David Schriever

    David Schriever

    Impact Advisor

  • Shamita_chaudhary
    Shamita Chaudhary
    Impact Advisor
  • Lina Martinez
    Lina Martinez
    Impact Analyst
  • Nito Simonsen

    Nito Simonsen

    Co-founder &

    Chief Executive Officer

  • LeidenUniv_IE_graduation ceremony_LD_lr_20230928-7772
    Varun H. Ravikuma
    Impact Analyst
  • Oda portrett

    Oda A. Larsen

    Head of Commercial

  • Fredrik Mohr

    Fredrik Mohr

    Impact Analyst

  • Pablo Ilgemann

    Pablo Ilgemann

    Impact Advisor

  • Tan Chia-Wu-1

    Tan Chia Wu

    Impact Analyst

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